At Newport Beach CoolSculpting, we see clients of all ages that are hoping to contour their body effectively without surgery. CoolSculpting is unique compared to other plastic surgery procedures, because it is non-invasive (there is no surgery involved) and there are no known long term complications, which means that CoolSculpting is theoretically safe for any potential candidate.

The best way to determine if you are a CoolSculpting candidate is to talk to call Dr. Agha at 949-644-2442 and schedule your intake appointment. Dr. Agha can talk to you about your aesthetic goals, and as a board certified plastic surgeon, he can advise you on whether or not CoolSculpting is the ideal choice for your body contouring needs, or if you may benefit from a different type of cosmetic procedure.

Candidates for CoolSculpting in Newport Beach, California

CoolSculpting is a safe procedure with less cost, fewer complications, and excellent outcomes. For these reasons, there are few issues that could affect candidacy from a health standpoint. However, part of the value of CoolSculpting comes from the results, and not everyone is going to see the best results from CoolSculpting unless they are the right candidate. Candidates for CoolSculpting include:

  • At or Near Goal Weight – CoolSculpting is effective on individuals of nearly any weight, but the results are only apparent when you are near your goal weight. CoolSculpting is a body contouring tool, not a weight loss tool. Patients should be at or near their ideal weight, and intend to maintain that weight in the future.
  • Stubborn Fat Pockets – Patients should also show they have stubborn fat pockets that they have been unable to target or remove with diet and exercise alone. Even though CoolSculpting appears 100% safe, diet and exercise remain the healthiest ways to lose weight. If you have maintained a healthy body but you have been unable to remove those stubborn fat pockets, CoolSculpting may be right for you.
  • No Intention of Additional Plastic Surgery – Plastic surgery is still a very valuable way to contour the body. If you are also considering plastic surgery, you may be able to include liposuction in the procedure, which cause CoolSculpting would be superfluous. Dr. Agha is a board certified plastic surgeon, and can help you understand your options better.
  • Realistic Expectations – You must go into CoolSculpting with a realistic understanding of what to expect from the results. CoolSculpting can remove as much as 20 to 40% of excess fat, but will not magically transform your body all by itself. It also appears slowly over time, and you have to be patient with results that can take as long as 3 months to be completed. If you’re looking for something faster, or that will change your entire body from top to bottom, you may need to consider a different procedure.

CoolSculpting is also beneficial for those that want the effects of liposuction but without the recovery time, as those that complete CoolSculpting sessions can often go back to work as soon as that day. Little to no vacation time or recovery time is needed, adding extra benefits to those that have busy lives.

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