Whether you’ve gained weight or lost weight, chances are the first place you noticed that excess weight was the abdomen. The belly is notorious for gaining fat, and unlike other areas of the body that lose weight quickly with proper diet and exercise, when fat gains on the abs, it tends to stay there and be immensely difficult to remove.

Despite popular belief, it’s nearly impossible to “target ab fat” with diet and exercise. No matter how many ab workouts you do, if you have pockets of fat, these fat cells are often there to stay. That’s why so many people with ab fat contact Newport Beach CoolSculpting – a safe, effective way to eliminate fat in the abdomen without surgery.

CoolSculpting the Abdomen

Ab fat is how Zeltiq CoolSculpting gained its popularity in California. Millions of Americans – including those that take good care of their body and health – struggle with fat buildup in the abs. All of the first CoolSculpting applicators were specifically developed to help target belly fat. Depending on the shape of your belly and the needs of your stomach, Newport Beach CoolSculpting may choose any number of different applicators to target your belly fat, including:

  • CoolMax – The CoolMax applicator is the primary choice for those that need to target a large pocket of fat in the center of the abdomen. It is the largest applicator available, and can grasp and cool a larger subsection of fat at once in order to achieve maximum fat loss. The CoolMax is more for fat removal than it is for contouring, but it has been shown to create excellent results.
  • CoolCore – For those that need more contouring than fat loss in the abdomen, there is the CoolCore. The CoolCore is excellent for targeting specific bulges of fat in and around the abdomen that need to be eliminated in order to give your belly a sexier and more attractive overall shape.
  • CoolSmooth Pro – When your abdomen doesn’t necessarily have pockets of fat, but instead has a wider size that needs better fat removal, Dr. Agha may use the CoolSmooth Pro. This applicator doesn’t have the same vacuum suction power as the other applicators, but uses its unique shape to eliminate fat and contour the body.
  • CoolFit – Smaller than most other types of abdomen CoolSculpting applicators, the CoolFit is designed to eliminate smaller pockets of fat that require better targeting than the larger CoolMax applicator.

When used correctly by Newport Beach CoolSculpting, each one of these applicators has been proven effective at helping shape the abs and eliminate the pockets of belly fat that cause undesirable shapes in your belly.

Receive Affordable CoolSculpting for the Abs in Newport Beach

Newport Beach CoolSculpting has developed a reputation as the number one choice for CoolSculpting services in Newport Beach and Orange County, California. Dr. Agha is a world renowned board certified plastic surgeon, with the ability to shape the abdomen and maximize your CoolSculpting results. Call us today at 949-644-2442 to schedule your complete consultation.

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