Although not yet available for women, CoolSculpting has been successfully used on men for eliminating and shaping their chest. Men that find they are stuck with chest fat often experience a significant degree of discomfort, especially when shirtless or in intimate settings. These chests, nicknamed “moobs,” often either resemble the female form too much for a man’s liking, or cause a misshapen look in shirts.

CoolSculpting is often used off label to address the male chest in a way that can enhance the look of muscles. It is best combined with excellent chest exercises. As the fat melts away from the upper chest, the muscles start to become more clear and apparent, giving a toned and fit look that is very popular with male aesthetics.

Good Candidates for Chest CoolSculpting

CoolSculpting for the chest can be a highly effective way to eliminate excess fat. However, chest issues can be very specific, and not everyone is a good candidate. At our Newport Beach CoolSculpting center, we often see men that require a different type of cosmetic procedure depending on the cause of their chest fat. Good candidates must have:

  • Fat, Not Glandular Chest Fat – There is more than one cause of “moobs” in men. If you’re struggling with a glandular issue, you may require a different form of treatment. CoolSculpting is only for those that have a specific, fat related chest need.
  • Pinchable Tissue – The chest can also appear to have weight, but not necessarily have enough tissue to be placed inside of the CoolSculpting applicators. A consultation will be required to make sure that your chest can fit in the CoolSculpting cooling pads.

For those that are good candidates, however, the results can be excellent. And they are often preferred by men all over Newport Beach, because the results appear natural. Fat removal is not instant and there is no scarring or recovery time, so men have a choice whether or not they want to talk to anyone else about their procedures. If you’re interested in learning if you are a good candidate, call Newport Beach CoolSculpting today at 949-644-2442.

Will CoolSculpting be Available for Women’s Chest?

It is absolutely possible that CoolSculpting will someday be available for women. At the moment, researchers are still making sure that the cold has no effect on the sensitive and delicate cells and tissues of the female breast.

In addition, fat loss is rarely the goal of women looking to enhance their chest. Even with sagging breasts, the chest still needs to maintain some fat in order to look firm and healthy. Researchers are looking into technology that will shape a woman’s breasts using the CoolSculpting system, but it is not currently available.

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