In late 2015, Zeltiq released a new applicator, called the CoolMini. The CoolMini is the smallest applicator yet, capable of targeting smaller areas than ever before, giving plastic surgeons like Dr. Agha of Newport Beach CoolSculpting the ability to shape and contour the body more thoroughly while eliminating fat in the process.

But one of the greatest benefits about the introduction of the CoolMini is that it allows Dr. Agha to target an area of the body that was previously too difficult with other CoolSculpting applicators. Now, Dr. Agha can eliminate neck fat, also known as the double chin.


Benefits of CoolSculpting for the Double Chin

Neck fat is perhaps the least popular place to develop excess fat. That is because neck fat is clearly apparent on the face and with everyone you meet. It affects first impressions, it affects self confidence, and it affects the way you appear in everything that you do.

Previously the only way to target neck fat was with liposuction or a face lift. But plastic surgery on the chin can be stressful, expensive, and possibly lead to scarring or stigma issues.

CoolSculpting the double chin has many advantages over traditional chin liposuction. These advantages include:

  • No Scars, Cuts, or Complications – CoolSculpting is a non-invasive procedure capable of eliminating neck fat without any surgery, which means that, beyond some potential for mild bruising, there will be no signs you had the procedure completed and no risk of complications caused by surgery.
  • Immediate Recovery – CoolSculpting requires no long term recovery. Once your neck fat has been cooled, you can go back to work and perform all normal activities without any down time or bandages.
  • Gradual Fat Loss – While many people like seeing results right away, the gradual fat loss of CoolSculpting can be an advantage, because the fat reduction will appear naturally and no one will have to know that you received any procedure unless you want them to.

CoolSculpting neck fat was one of the most common requests we received at Newport Beach CoolSculpting, but in the past it was simply not possible with the technology that was available. Now that the FDA has approved the use of the CoolMini, it is now possible to target neck fat and double chins with the CoolSculpting system, and change the shape and look of your face right away.

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