Not everyone develops stubborn bulges of upper back fat. But when you do, it can cause more distress than nearly anywhere in the body. Those that struggle with “bra fat” often experience severe self-consciousness when in bikinis or when they take off their clothes in front of their partner, and although they can’t see it, it’s not uncommon to feel uncomfortable even when you’re covered up in clothes.

CoolSculpting for Upper Back Fat at Newport Beach CoolSculpting

Thankfully, CoolSculpting – the new and effective fat freezing technology by Zeltiq – is capable of melting as much as 40% of your upper back fat with the CoolMax applicator. The CoolMax Applicator is one of the largest CoolSculpting applicators available, capable of gathering a large amount of fat at once and cooling it to the right temperature to stimulate the cryolipolysis effect.

Your upper back fat will cool and crystallize, all without any scarring. Many patients read books or play on their phones until the procedure is over. Once completed, you’ll be able to return to normal activities – even wear a bra in no time. Over the next 12 weeks, your body’s natural dead cell removal system will start to eliminate the crystallized fat cells, and your upper back will no longer cause you as much distress.

Upper Back CoolSculpting is the Safe Alternative to Plastic Surgery

Generally the option plastic surgeons use on the upper back is liposuction. While liposuction is an incredibly effective procedure it is also rarely used with just the upper back (most often it is combined with other procedures like the tummy tuck or Brazilian Butt Lift) and it can lead to issues with skin laxity, depending on the extent of your bra fat. It is also expensive and requires a long recovery time.

CoolSculpting, on the other hand, is one of the only procedures that has traditionally been used just to target upper back fat and bra fat, which is great for those that feel it’s a problem area but are satisfied with the rest of their body. It is also not a surgery, which means that:

  • There are no surgery related complications
  • There is no recovery time
  • There are no scars or signs of a procedure

Few people want to announce to the world that they had work done on their back, and CoolSculpting provides a fast, simple way to address that bra fat with none of the scarring or long term health risks.

CoolSculpting is also more affordable, and while only a single CoolSculpting procedure is usually needed, it is also possible to see greater results by doubling up the procedure – all without any additional surgery risk or anesthesia.

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Newport Beach CoolSculpting is led by Dr. Siamak Agha, a board certified plastic surgeon with years of experience working with all body types. Dr. Agha has received the Premier Crystal Award, given by Zeltiq only to those that have shown excellence with CoolSculpting technology.

If you’d like to learn more about upper back fat CoolSculpting, or schedule your appointment to meet with Dr. Agha, call us today at 949-644-2442. We’re happy to provide a consultation and make sure that CoolSculpting is right for you.

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